The PlayStation F.C. Schools’ Cup brand looked corporate and the annual campaigns were too reliant on traditional old fashioned PR techniques. As a result PlayStation were not seeing the engagement with youth audiences they would expect from such a valuable sponsorship asset.  

Our Fan Intelligence Network identified that the PSFC Schools’ Cup had the ability to  inspire them to greatness with England internationals such as Declan Rice and Georgia Stanway recently appearing in the competition.

We worked with our network to develop a whole new brand identity and a multi year campaign that would inspire youth audiences to strive for greatness. The Next Level campaign integrated design, freestyle and gaming to ensure that we didn’t just reach 11-a-side players.

The social first campaign was fronted by a squad of young and relevant ambassadors who had high engagement with youth audiences. These ambassadors featured in content throughout the season that highlighted next generation ballers across all areas of football culture.


Year one results smashed the social led KPIs, completely organically. Key results include a total of over 10 million views and 970,000+ engagements. The campaign also crossed over into TikTok with this platform providing some of the best performing content.  This is the beginning of a multiyear plan but the shift change has been remarkable with teacher and pupil engagement rates set at an extremely high level for benchmarking in following years.