The Fan Intelligence Index is the first of its kind global ranking of the most culturally relevant brands in sport.

The Fan Intelligence Index is the first of its kind. Collaborating with our Fan Intelligence network, we have been able to identify the fundamental characteristics of what makes a brand culturally relevant in sport to create the Fan Intelligence Index. Our Fan Intelligence network consists of 11,000+ of the most culturally influential fans across the globe, with their support we can spotlight where culture is going next. 

The Fan Intelligence Index consists of three key sections; defining cultural relevance with six characteristics of culturally relevant brands in sport and esports, ranking the top 40 culturally relevant brands in sport, and detailing how these brands were scored in line with their recent marketing and business history. 

Topping the table in the ranking sits the sportswear brands Adidas, Jordan, and Nike, with the three stripes outshining the American giants. Our Fan Intelligence director Owen Laftery explains this, “When you talk about cultural relevance over the past couple of years, the natural default is one of the sportswear brands and you’d probably talk about Nike.“

“When the audience looked at Nike, they saw them being good at standing for something because they represent the brand values, but in terms of driving positive change, they weren’t seen as successful. There is a disparity in terms of how the audience views what they say versus what they do. Whereas from an Adidas perspective, while they might not be making the same big, bold statements like Nike are, there’s definitely a sense they’re backing them up from an action perspective.” 

Fan intelligence is at the heart of everything we do at Ear to the Ground, if you want to get your hands on the Fan Intelligence Index click the Fan Intelligence tab in the top right. Then to get the full report, input your email at the bottom of our Fan Intelligence Index page and a member of our team will be in touch with you.

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