Our new Future of Fandom Series is a monthly deep dive into the thoughts of our Fan Intelligence® Network, uncovering live insight on the topics leading today’s conversations. 

First up, Web3. This discussion covered everything from NFTs to cryptocurrency, and metaverses in sport, esports, and gaming. Fans told us how they feel in a live Twitter Spaces and webinar session.



Listeners came away with several key insights that paint a nuanced picture of the space.

Fans believe in the power of Web3 to enhance their experience but they want owning Web3 assets to be genuinely useful, providing them with a tangible benefit. 

They also feel there is still a great deal of education needed at this stage, which should be prioritised by brands over profit. 

Finally, many had concerns over the sustainability of the space and are looking to see how the environmental impact of Web3 will be addressed. 


The live sessions were hosted by Chief Innovation Officer Owen Laverty, and researchers Savannah Ross and Dan Allinson. Five Fan Intelligence® Network members joined, each bringing their own unique point of view on Web3. 

Richard Johnson brought expert knowledge to the panel as the head of content at pro cycling team INEOS Grenadiers, and the writer of the Sports 3.0 blog. 

Ryan Williams owns the Phillipe Remy clothes brand and is proud owner of a Bored Ape NFT. He gave us a rare insight into one of the most exclusive NFT clubs. 

Joe Hale is a digital marketer and NFT connoisseur. He shared his deep knowledge of trading and creating NFTs. 

Finally, we got a view on what fans want to see in the future from Jess Brohard, Talent Manager at Gamers Outreach and podcaster on The Boss LVL pod; and Hassan Joof, a freelance photographer working with brands such as Nike, Adidas, Fila, and Versus. 


It was a fascinating and enlightening discussion, typical of the sort we have with Fan Intelligence® members every day. 

Though still in their infancy, and with issues to be ironed out, it's clear that there is a huge appetite for Web3 among fans, and the possibilities are endless for the brands who have expertise in this space. 

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