Twelve trends Revisited

The shifting expectations of culturally-led audiences that brands need to understand

We’ll be the first to admit; our January report is already long out of date

This is EURO 2020 2.0.

Using fan intelligence®, we’ve spoken to culturally connected global fans to give you an inside track on key trends and what to expect for the year ahead.

So what’s changed?


If 2020 showed us anything, it’s that everything can change in a moment.

A global pandemic shutting down sport and changing life as we know it. For all its money and influence, football was not immune to covid-19.

Euro 2020 was an early casualty, pushed back to 2021. The sport plunged into an existential crisis. And since then, change has been the only constant.

While football did come back eventually, the pandemic has ensured the fan experience will never feel the same again.

We revisited our global fan intelligence® network of culturally influential tastemakers to understand what's new in our ‘new normal’, to give you the inside track on the opportunities as they are right now, ahead of what’s sure to be a history-making tournament.


Commercially, creativity was the defining factor in who thrived, and who barely survived. The lines blurred between pitch and pixel as gaming crossed over into the mainstream. And - perhaps most importantly - athletes across the continent realised their power through activism.

Yet, in some ways, nothing changed. Football still gave purpose and meaning to millions. It was missed. It is the prism through which we understand wider society. It is victory and defeat. It informs what we buy. It is identity.

Football is - we all now realise - the most important least important thing.


Many will tell you: euro 2020 will be a tournament like no other. Here, we’ll tell you exactly why. We’ve done the hard work for you. So look beyond the clichés and learn the detail.

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